The World’s Leading USA Firearms Dealer Store. One of the first online firearms sellers and a major force in the market, Over 500 firearms In Stock. Shooters Gun Shop was founded in 2009 by 3 avid shooters. We saw (and still see) the need to provide access to the best and latest Glocks and Ammunition at the best prices to anyone anywhere with access to a computer or phone. Gun for sale 2022. Store  – , Keego Harbor, MI 48320, United States

Our focus on firearms and shooting related equipment allows us to buy in large quantities, and pass the savings to you. Everyone who works at Impact, from the owners to the shipping crew, are shooters We absolutely love what we do! 

A dedicated crew reviews and adds new items when found to perform as advertised. If feedback indicates a product is not up to expectations, we pull it. 

We pioneered the ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ for any new gun we sell, and continue to stand behind every firearm- providing an extra level of confidence, and another reason to consider purchasing with us. 

Bill’s Gun Shop also matches prices– if you find the item you want elsewhere at a lower price, just let us know, we’ll try our best to ‘meet it or beat it’. 


Our goal is to empower our clients — beginners, enthusiasts, agencies and corporations — through safety, education, and professional training. 

We aim to equip our clients with the tools and resources they need to excel in any shooting discipline: i for recreation, for competition and for personal protection. 

Why Choose Shooters Gun Shop?

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